Goody-two shoes.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

We are four kids in the family. I am so glad that no one among us was ever hooked on prohibited substances. Even cigarettes and alcohol are never present in our social lives. I can consider our early years as very sheltered. My parents were really strict when it comes to going out with our friends.

Looking back, I am thankful that we were properly guided during our younger years. No one needed to go to a drug rehab. It was something we should be thankful for. We simply learned to choose who to hang out with. Our parents are already successful in that aspect alone.

It saddens me though that the drug addiction cases in the Philippines involve an even younger generation, as early as 12 years old! I particularly know of one family whose genius of an eldest son got hooked on drugs. His new peers in the Big City school, pressured him to try it and got addicted. He was sent to rehab and his family decided to migrate to another country.

The examples never end (heck, you can just drive by EDSA and see rugby-sniffing street-kids!). I hope they can still be saved.