A portraitless wedding

Monday, June 18, 2007

If I were the Bride, I would have cried. But it wasn't MY wedding but someone else's.

On Saturday morning, we headed out to Los Altos (a very posh community, indeed) and straight to the estate on top of hill. We got there just before 10am and the bride was just having her make-up done. Our cameras were ready and we started snapping away. You see, Ane and I stood as Kuya J's assistant (we got to take pictures too, coz we had two DSLR's) to cover the wedding of a client. We were excited to do this that we even did an ocular of the Church and the reception venue the day before. Our little dilemma started when we asked the Bride's mom for her daughter's accessories. Everything was not ready yet! The wedding was at 2pm and 20mins away from their house. The flowers aren't there yet. And the other things like the Bible, the pillows, everything...are already in the church! Oh well, they were afraid they'd forget something at home so they decided to leave everything with the church coordinator the day before when they has the Rehearsals. All we had was the invite, the gown and veil, the shoes and rings. If Clarice were coordinating this wedding, she would have freaked out! The bride's attitude was "let's just get this done and over with", because it didn't matter anymore whether everything turns out fine or not. Even the pictures.

We were not served lunch but there were Danish bread and fruits on the table. That was it. We're just too glad we had some heavy breakfast before we left the house. So we were just there waiting for the bride to get dressed. The Father of the Bride, of all times got sick and wasn't ready until 5minutes before we left for the church! The bride on the other hand was taking all her time getting dressed, even had the time for some yosi. We were waiting for her to come out of her room by the hall and she suddenly came out with everything she needed for the hotel! SO how are we supposed to shoot her huh? If she were ready to go at 110pm, do you think we'd have the time to make them pose for a family portrait at least? Nah! So we only captured her and her family going out of the house and getting into the limo. Sheesh. We had to rush to the Church (Church of the Nativity in Menlo Park) so we could take pictures of the groom (who was simply georgeous, oh my!), but when the Bride decided to step out of the limo (owing to the fact that it was really hot inside the car), they had to ask the Groom to stay out of the way lest he'd see her...in a lighter note, though, the Church was a simple one yet very cozy and nice.

The processional started ten minutes after 2pm (late because they had to let all guests in before they started) and we were restricted to take pictures at the back, from the last pew where guests are seated. (!) So you may guess that our shots were very limited, very few. That was a bummer! Can't even take pictures with flash!

After the mass, we had to hurry and finish the pictorial inside the church because of time constraints. We just had the family shoot inside and then we all settled for the courtyard. When we were done with the entou, everyone was rushing to get to the reception at Four Seasons (wow!). Still no portrait shots of the newlyweds here! We decided to just shoot in the hotel coz we found some really nice angles around there.

We got to the hotel, okay, but as soon as the limo arrived, the couple was hard to pin down in one place! Kami'y mga sawimpalad! It was so frustrating, mind you! By then, I was having some migraine attacks and could not hold myself up anymore. Of all days, meyn. There were crew meals in the conference room (but it was only later that we found out about it, those darn videoguys didn't even tell us where the food was!), but I could not eat a single bite, or else I will just puke. I excused myself and took a nap in the car.

An hour or so passed and I was almost okay. I went back to the party, and everyone was having a blast! They owe it to the DJ who had a lot of gimmicks just to make the party moving. :) Costumes here and there, dancing music and lotsa booze! If not for Mr. DJ, the party would have been a big flop.

By 10pm, the party was almost over and guess what?!? Still no portraits of the newlyweds! We were waiting until the guests have gone but the couple looked so wasted already. Our last resort?!? Handy-dandy PHOTOSHOP! Mwahahahahahahaah....

Nope. Not crazy yet. Just frustrated. From today til the next few days, am probably gonna be busy Photoshopping.


Juzahlyn said...

as in wala silang pics?? OMG I would have probably repeated the wedding hahhaha ako nga nakukulangan pa sa pictures ko sa wedding ko yon pa kayang wala lol

Kaje said...

yup, wala silang picture na sila lang dalawa. lahat, puro group pics. grabe noh? nakakaloka! :)