A tag, a new blog for money opportunity and a funny video

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mami Carmie tagged me :) I am to list 6 weird things about me (although, she did 7 in her blog mwehehehe). Here goes:
  1. I have a very high tolerance for pain and heat. I take hot baths at noon and can sleep with comforter & closed windows even during summer;
  2. I am very Filipino but I don't like eating Adobo or anything that is cooked with vinegar;
  3. I can be so OC and paranoid about a lot of things. One time I felt sooo bad when someone "took" our regular bench at GHBC for two consecutive Saturdays...I had to do something about it on the third Saturday. I also have a thing for scrubbing things (plates, pots & pans, sink, the toilet..etc etc);
  4. I am calm when my voice is very clear, sometimes too loud (because of the hearing problem) but when I am mad, I am usually low-voiced;
  5. I do not feel complete if I don't have a pen in my bag (forget the mobile phone, or the license, but not the pen!);
  6. I eat Pakwan (watermelon) with Patis (fish sauce). Yum! Try it! :)

There. :) I don't know whom to tag anymore so if you are reading this and haven't done this yet...I am tagging YOU!

Moving on, I signed up for another blog-for-money site, Blogsvertise, this afternoon. As you must know by now, I am making some extra money just by blogging about certain advertisers. Blogsvertise falls in that category. I have already registered and I am just waiting for their approval. Once approved, I will be assigned to mention, talk about or incorporate certain advertisers in my blog entries. I do not need to endorse anything. Including links to the advertisers' website is usually enough. After the entry is posted, it shall be approved and all I do next is wait for the payment via Paypal. :)

It's 11pm already and I should be getting ready for bed. (I've been sleeping late the past few days!) But before I go, lemme share this very funny video sent by RL via email:

glumbert.com - Japanese Tetris

Have a good night!


Joyce said...

you eat watermelon with patis?? wow ha lol never tried it meron pa naman kami pakwan I'll remember that when I eat some hehehe..