Am no expert

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

With Photoshop that is. But I am learning. I enjoy learning (oh well, only with regards to what I wanna do, hehe).

Anyway, do you remember the wedding we covered on the 16th? The one with no portraits of the newlyweds? So I sat in front of the laptop on Saturday and did my best to "create" a portrait.

From this:

to this:

I was very problematic because I realized we didn't have a picture of just the altar on the wedding day itself. So the background I used (and the one you see in the photoshopped one) is a shot from the previous day. Another problem while I was browsing the pictures, almost all the group shots with the couple had an obstruction that made it hard to extract just the couple (holding the arms, steeping on the gown etc etc). Or there were no obstructions but the couple's expressions just weren't "right" (not smiling, eyes closed, shouting etc etc.).

When I saw the latter picture, I knew it is the one I could work on. I had to do everything all over again (thrice!) until I got to the finished one. You bet I tried all the extraction techniques I know to get that result. I am not totally convinced I did well but Kuya Jun (and my sister and Ane) said this works for now. We will try to have it printed on 8x10 and see from there.

How about you? What do you think?


Mich said...

good job Kaje! hindi mukhang inedit sa photoshop. :)