Thursday, June 07, 2007

I woke up this morning with a headache. I would have asked for some Tylenol but I figured I'd be able to get over this little pain once I've eaten. I remember going to bed at 1am late last night (or early this morning hehe). My head was spinning as a laid myself beside Ane.
No I wasn't drunk. I do not drink alcoholic beverages at all. So what was going on?

Oh well, Ane, Gi and I spent the day at Paramount Great America in Sta. Clara. Ane took on 4 rides while Bro and I conquered 7 thrill rides! So it just makes sense that even hours after we got home last, I was still dizzy and almost knocked-out (well, I had to take some assignments before I retired). Go check on the site: Gi and I rode -- Vortex, Demon, Grizzly, Psycho Mouse, Rip Roaring Rapids, White Water Falls...and Top Gun (we have a video of our entire ride of this monster hehehe)! My knees were shaking by the time Kuya J fetched us from the park!

I've would have rode the seven thrills all over again if I weren't too dizzy :)