If only travelling is cheap

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I would choose to travel all the time, I tell you. I like to explore other countries, cities and cultures. I wouldn't mind going alone, with Ane or my family, or with friends. I think travelling gives me a different high. I've been to different places, in and out of the Philippines, and I realized that staying at places other than home makes me happy. You know, when you get to have a break and do some soul-searching while learning new stuff? (Although being home equally makes me happy, I still yearn for other things).

One thing I learned to do while here on this side is to check online for destinations and Hotel Reservations. My sister showed me that it is indeed safe to transact online for Hotel Reservations, among other things (back in Manila, I am very apprehensive about doing business online because I am scared of scams, computer threats, and online theft!).

So while surfing online, I enjoyed looking for nice travel packages and Hotel Discounts (who wouldn't want discounts, eh?) and came across HotelReservations.com. What do you think I was doing looking for hotels/motels that are cheap? Oh well, my friend Ris and I were chatting last night and a trip to Las Vegas came up. I really wanna go there so I decided to study the costs and the possibility of joining them to a trip there soon. I found out that making Hotel Reservations online are really easy-peasy. I got to compare prices and this website offers one of the cheapest packages for travel (believe me, I did look for comparisons). Their packages often include airfare and hotels and if you want additional services, car rentals too! I reckon, if I want to go to Vegas, I would want to arrive in style (by plane, of course) and not tire myself driving for 10 hours!

Yeah, I spent some precious time researching and computing for rates. And realized that, no, we can't afford another travel. Hehe. At least not yet.