Friendship through the years...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We met one of Mommy's old friends today. Tita S has been in the US since 1978, this is already where she got married and bore two girls. We were invited to her house located at one of the high end communities in San Jose. You can just imagine how awed we were when we got there. Tita has gone a long way since she arrived here, for sure.

Mommy and Tita S were HS buddies, riding the bus together to school and spent their entire secondary schooling as very close friends. The last time they saw each other was also the last time Tita went home to the Philippines...which is about ten years ago! Definitely much has changed. Mommy was even shy to call her when they got here. But guess what, Tita, upon learning my parents are here, called her relatives in Bulacan to find my brother so she would know how to contact us here. Now that's determination!

So we went to see her for lunch at their home. She even filed for a Leave from work just so she could spend time with her old friend. How sweet can she get? Mommy had a blast talking and catching up stories with her. Tita even has a collection of old photos, that she even has a lot of pictures of Mom too!

Not only the two were able to take a walk in the past, my parents are also assured that my sister and her family has found a new family here. :) I really admire friendships that last and survive the times. :)