There's money in blogging :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

I joined an online Filipino community where we were bonded by two things: a hobby and another thing. We all love digiscrapping and most of us blog for money. I never realized that staying in front of the computer, spending time in the internet and blogging (which I do almost everyday!) can earn me a few extra dollars.

I came across Smorty and getting approved was easy. I had a problem initially with my account but right after I sent an email regarding my concern, everything was fixed and my query was answered immediately. Smorty is a service where advertisers can be connected with bloggers like me. Advertisers can pay me to do a review of their site/services. This is the first time I am blogging to get paid and Smorty is making things easy for me. Links are already provided for me to include in my entries and it is as easy as it gets. Blog advertising is the "in thing", no wonder a lot of my friends are raving about this online business.

Not bad for someone like me who needs the extra money for things I want to buy.