Same old picture

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A few months ago, my Mom slept over at our house and noticed something about our bedside picture frame. I was totally guilty of something. The picture frames hold pictures that are exactly the same as that of the pictures in the frames I have had in my old room. The pictures are about 2 years old! Up to this day, the old pictures are still there. Maybe I am too lazy to change the pictures. Or maybe I am too stingy to have all of our pictures printed (there are a lot! Our wedding pictures alone counted to thousands!). Whichever the reason may be, I realized that I need to do something about those boring frames and pictures!

It's good, especially for a techie person like me, to find out about a digital picture frame that may be purchased online. I have yet to ask my darling husband to buy me at least the 7-inch one. Digital photos are in, and so are digital frames! Wouldn't it be cool to constantly see pictures being showcased in a digital picture frame? It's like displaying a slideshow minus the computer and/or the projector.

Less work, less cost. Sounds good to me!