100% Free Calorie Counter

Monday, June 04, 2007

I have been here in the States for more than two weeks now. In a month, Hubby and I will be back to our normal life in Manila. My fear right now is hearing people tell me that I have gained weight during our long break. That is something I should be worried about since most of the time, all we do here is EAT! The fact that I do not sweat a lot here, does not help either. I should start watching what I eat just the way I used to.

I am glad that I heard about My Fitness Pal, a site that may help me do just that. It is a free site (no need to use credit cards!) that will help me track my meals with the free diet journal that comes with the membership. It is actually a site with free calorie counter. It is important to lose weight but the tools that I also get from joining will help me keep the pounds off!

One time, a friend asked me how much calories should a dieting person consume in a day. I told her the value. Now I can tell her to just go to this site so she will be more informed, of not just the value, but also the right food to eat, because the site boasts of over 6,000 items in the food database.