Better business :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Dad has been in the Restaurant business for almost five years now and I have been helping him with it since then. Recently, my brother decided to quit being an employee and joined me instead. As we were discussing about the things we can do to improve the business, we agreed that it is about time we do a little make-over of Ysidro's. We could change the menu. We could change the ambience all together. We could also face-lift the kitchen or maybe we could upgrade our catering supplies.

Now partners or suppliers for our planned changes may be hard to find. But masterseek may just be the place to visit online. I visited it and Masterseek happens to be a global search engine that has an extensive directory of millions of companies in 75 countries . This is where one may find quick and free access of company profile, contacts, and products & services that will perfectly suit the needs of one's business.

Can't wait to do this little project with my brother!