Blogging while doing the laundry...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Yep, I am in the middle of doing laundry. I have to finish about 9 (nine!) batches today. Everything just piled up since we only did the laundry once last week. But then again, I don't mind doing it here because the machine makes things easier for me. Hehe. See I can even blog or watch TV or read anything I can get hold of or do another chore while doing this chore. :)

In the span of two weeks that we are here, I have learned so much about myself and my family - both good and bad. Sometimes it makes me sad that we are a not so perfect family but when I see or hear about other families, I realize that we are more lucky and fortunate than others. Family here is referred to as my biological one, my now extended one. My immediate family now is my Ane who keeps me focused and continuously makes me realize that whatever happens, I have him to hold on to. Wow, mushy.

I have been experiencing a lot of new things. I specially love that large strawberries are abundant here! Woot, woot! And that I always have fun playing with Joaquin (until he gets cranky! hehe) But I do miss home. I miss Kuya and Kei. I miss Flory, the one who does my pedi and Afey or Julie who do my facial! I miss the E's! I can't wait to be home again.


donna_chocnut said...

wow sipag ni tin! when you come back to the phils, will you still do your laundry? ;p large strawberries? hmmm, sarap niyan. i saw some of those in the grocery, hello, P700 ang isang pack, siguro mga 15-20 pcs lang laman.

Kaje said...

i doubt it donna! heheheheh siguro pag binilhan ako ni badong ng kagaya ng machine dito baka sipagin ako maglaba dyan mwehehehe

yung strawberries dito magsasawa ka, equivalent to 200 petot for 1lb tapos pag sa costco $6 for 4lbs! :) yum yum :)