Joaquin is 4!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

When I woke up this morning, I greeted my fave nephew (there is no other nephew! heheh) a Happy Birthday. But before I was able to kiss him, he brushed me away saying that it's not his birthday today. I think he is in denial and is waiting for his party on Saturday. It can't be his birthday today because the party is not today. You can't be right with him, I tell yah. ;) He wasn't really in the mood because he was feverish his morning but he went out with the boys. We were thinking he might just need a little bit of fresh air and some sun.

So yeah, the lone girl left (that's ME, my sister had to work) stayed at home the entire day. I was supposed to meet up with M and L for a fun day-out but L had some sort of an emergency at work so she could not take her off, of all days! I spent my day in the net, just bloghopping. Am still my lazy self. I cannot believe I am taking opps now when I should be getting ready for bed. I am not sleep deprived but my body feels I am. I told the boys to bring me some burger (I was craving for burgers for the last four days but haven't gotten the chance to buy one). They got me a double double cheese cheese & bacon from BK. You know what I did after I wolfed down that sinful sandwich? Took a nap!!!! I bet I'll be huge when we return to Manila. Thanks to Ris who decided to call and cut my trip to lalaland. :)

My sister got home from work and we all went out to celebrate our baby's day. We went bowling near Oakridge and J had fun doing his mom's game :) We were supposed to eat there but decided against it since the mall is just next door. We got some yummy garlic fries though. Haha buti na lang. My sister missed the sign that the shoes were to be rented (at $5 each!). So when the bill came, her eyes widened. Hihi. Oh well, anything for the boy, she says. She's glad the birthday boy had a blast even if we only played one game. :) We don't want to have body aches, do we? Dinner was simple. We just grabbed some chinese food, stayed a bit and strolled until it was time to go home.

Hayyyyy, the boy is growing up fast.