Now I am dreaming of OUR own house

Sunday, June 10, 2007

After mass today, we all went to Ikea to buy a few stuff. Since my sister's family just moved in to a bigger apartment, they figured they needed some new things for the house. Boy, I was in heaven just looking at the things in there! Our future house became so clear in my mind. I can't count how many times I told Ane how excited I am when we finally build our own and fill it with various fixtures and furniture :) I was more excited because yesterday, we visited a model-house near 101 and realized that such design is perfect for us, small yet maximized in terms of area!

Back in the Phils, we are staying in a studio-type pad above my in-laws'. In a few years, we plan to build our home on a small parcel of land we already own. Last year, we asked my FIL (since he is in construction) how much it would cost us to build a house. He said around P10k/sqm, no furnishings yet. Whoa!

So now, I am back to dreaming. Just dreaming. Today, I had fun collecting Ikea catalogues. Nice to look at, really. But that is where my reality struck...that we can't afford a fully-furnished house. Not at this time. Not yet.

But I am sure we will get there ;)