We are almost one year old

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Anniversary is coming up! I can remember the same time last year we were almost done with our preparations and were already trying to relax waiting for our Big Day. We got married on July 1 and the preparations alone took us about a year.

During the first few months of the preparations, I was busy checking online for designs of Bridal and evening gowns (for our reception!). I was also able to collect a number of magazines, some purchased while some were lent to me by friends who got married earlier. The gown was on top of my list (not necessarily my husband's priority, hehe). I was very particular about the design -- simple but elegant, not too flashy and definitely no petticoat! In the end, I loved how my gown turned out and everyone was raving how wonderful it was on me.

Those days are still vivid in my mind and the memories make me smile until now. I cannot wait until my dear husband marries me again. :)


admin said...

advance Happy Anniv Kaje and to your hubby !! exciting yan kasi 1st.. BTW don sa tanong mo dati.. designing is exciting kaya lang konti ang kita kasi daming magaling at dapat active ka sa advertisement.. tapos madami ring duties as a designer d lang magtitinda ka ok na.. sa paid blogging muna ako pag d na uso yon hehe baka balik designing ulit me. Pero if you want you can try..


donna_chocnut said...

uy tin, bukas na anniv niyo. happy anniv to you and badong. san ang celebration niyo? have fun! =)