Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hehe, I am stumped and actually don't know what to share! Isn't that kinda funny? For the last few weeks, I couldn't keep myself away from the internet because I had too much to say. And now, this. Hihi. So forgive me if I end up blabbing.

I wasn't able to blog yesterday because 1) I did our laundry, just a small pile this time; 2) Ane and Kuya J was fixing the local network so the printer will work with the laptop, they took too much time; 3) We went out to buy some stuff for Joaquin's birthday party on the 30th; and 4) I had a blast downloading things/freebies that I lost track of time and actually slept at 130am!

Ane wasn't happy. He hates it when I forget the time. Can't blame me, I was stuck in my own world.

Anyway, while out yesterday, we passed by Barnes & Noble in Eastridge, well just to check the place out again (Joaquin also wanted to play in the Kids' area so we gave in). We found the magazine my FIL wanted us to buy for him, although we got him the latest one. He wanted us to get him even just the backissues, but they are only sold in CD's. And then my sister came rushing to show me the latest issue of Digital Scrapbooking mag. I just had to buy it! Believe me, Ane wasn't able to stop me. Hihi. The mag was for $6.99 and guess what? It included a coupon over at Scrapping Garden for a mega kit worth $9.99! What a steal, don't you agree? So while downloading the kit, I remembered to hop on over at Ikeagoddess...and that's when I forgot about the blog led to another, one freebie to another awesome freebie (yay! I just exposed myself -- a freebie sucker!!!!)...I can't believe I missed a lot of things in just a month!

Whooot I just remembered to share this trivia (I keep on cutting myself!): Did you know that the designer of the new Scrapping Garden logo (not the current one in their website,I guess they haven't updated the blog yet) is a Filipina? Ate Jen is a fellow Bebot, and a real talent. I saw the logo in the magazine, and I told my sis about the story. Can't help but be proud. Hihihi. I've met her once before during the Bebot's EB :)

There. I wasn't as stumped as I thought I was. Hehe.


admin said...

Hi Kaje thanks for this lil post about me .. makes me so kilig hehehe. Talaga it's in the magazines now.. before i left the store iknow the y will be tying up with a magazine , can i know the name of the Magazine i will buy it kung available dito, mai-frame hahaha..