Sunday, June 03, 2007

I am so glad we headed to Monterey today. It's like seeing old California as we walked along Cannery Road. Gi was so excited to know that John Steinbeck happen to come from Monterey. We even saw his bust right at the boardwalk and most areas are named after him.

This is also where I thought I saw Hulk Hogan driving an MB convertible. I thought I saw him but Ane pointed out that it was just someone who looks like him! I insisted it was's that hair and beard and mustache that led me to believe it was him. But then the guy drove by again and we figured that yeah, it wasn't him. I was fooling myself hahaha.

Afterwards, we drove towards 17 Mile Drive where all the houses are gorgeous! I could only dream to have a house there! The road leads to the Lone Cypress and Pebble Beach. We didn't stay for too long coz we wanted to drive by Carmel Mission. We said we wouldn't go off the car anymore but when we got there, I was mesmerized that I just had to go and see the church. It is so beautiful, I told Ane I would want to get married all over again and we'll do it there! :)