Caffeine Overdose and Blogger help.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I missed my PT session again at the gym due to lack of sleep (and the fact that I still have my monthly). I was still fully awake at 1am. When I decided to lie beside Ane, I was tossing and turning even after about two hours or so. I remember closing my eyes but never really reached lalaland, you know that feeling? So I don't know how long I've actually slept. Ane's alarm went off at 6am and I didn't have any choice but drag myself up. What must have happened?

I remember having a cup of americano, a cup of tea, and two cans of Coke Light jut a few hours before bedtime. Go figure. Ugh.

Anyway, while awake, I was dreaming and looking online at some Wilmington NC real estate. Plus I was tweaking this blog's settings because I realized that my header isn't centered. I only found out last night when I used a widescreen monitor. I tried to apply the little knowledge I have in HTML but in vain. I searched for tutorials online but found nothing that can help me. So if you are reading this and know how I can go about this teeny problem of mine, please comment! Otherwise, I will probably change the template altogether but that will entail more work. Sigh. Please be an angel :)