A not so new truck

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's official. My FIL now has two trucks: Espee which we use on weekdays and the new not so new addition, a white pre-owned Fuego pick-up he found on sale last week. It is as of yet nameless and we haven't seen it yet (currently in the province). He is quite excited about this new family addition that he promised he will bring it home only when he's done spankin' it up :) Well, he actually needed a vehicle to bring him around the jobsite when he inspects (but didn't want Espee to be that 'burdened'), especially that the weather here is pretty much unpredictable. He was excited he talked non-stop on our way to hubby's cousin's wedding on Saturday. Maybe I should suggest that he get a truck rack to make it more functional? We'll see. His taste in car accessories blows me away ;)