That's a family reunion?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our veranda/terrace area was volunteered by my FIL to be the reunion venue among Hubby's cousins and families as couple of weeks back. In the entry two posts below, I said it's happening on the 29th. We were told we only needed to clean the area and provide the disposables. At around 3pm, nobody has come to fix the place and by 5pm, my mother in-law went up saying that the others didn't prepare food! So no kids and wives came! The supposed family-oriented affair became a drinking cum videoke singing session among the men...some of them, even my hubby doesn't know!

For those who've been to our studio-type place, they know that to get to the terrace, everyone will have to pass by from our main door through. I was kinda irritated because I didn't expect these people in my home, thus I felt our privacy was invaded. By the end of their session, I was having mild migraine attacks. Sigh. If there's a next time, I'll make sure everything is fixed before we say yes.