It's almost midnight and I just have to blog about this...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The ladies over at the Bebots Forum decided to have an exchange of gifts and guess what, I got my gift today! Yay!

Double yay! My "Mommy" Mich gave me a new pair of Havs! Earlier today, I got a PM from Glo, the organizer saying that my partner couldn't send the gift since the courier can't locate our address. So imagine my surprise when upon arriving home at past 11pm, a package is already nicely sitting on our sofa! I was giddy with excitement coz I just know that box shape! :) As my friend Tanya put it, like her, I probably have a very low EQ since I couldn't wait til Christmas before I open the gift. LOL!

Anyway, Mich surely made my day. I never expected that she will get me a pair, and a new model at that! Mich and I have known each other less than a year yet she knows what I really really want (LOL, as if I haven't raved about my Havs in this blog!). BTW, this blue pair will be lonely, I *need* to buy that red pair soon :) This gift is actually my second pair from the new collection but that deserves another post :)

Oh! And my baby Wanda received my gift today (after I got so worried that I sent it to the wrong address LOL!). Visit her blog and find out what I got her, which is on top of her wishlist! She is as happy with her gift as I am with mine :) And her reaction made me happy too!

It's really beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Giving. Receiving. Natural High. :)