Weekend passed me by

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekend is almost over, I can't believe it. I was online but did not take too much time in my cyber world. I even missed reading about an article about adjustable beds and only found the time now.

So where was I?

Friday started early with Ane and I going to St. Luke's in the morning. Then I missed going to my PT session coz my girl thing arrived. We also spent a few hours in Gateway mall (for lunch) where I was also able to earn EIGHT stickers for the Starbucks planner (btw, the promo for the double the stickers during lunch and dinner was extended until Christmas day). Later we were off to another mall to buy gifts for the night's party. So yeah, we attended out first Christmas party for the year, and it was with the E's. Only Karl bought his camera so I have no pictures to share yet. It was at Hai bar in the Fort (nicely tucked away from High Street and the Embassy Area). The boys definitely had a blast, drunk themselves to their hearts' desires. Glad Ane was still able to drive (he can honestly control his alcohol intake) at 2am.

On Saturday, yesterday, Ane and I were commuters again after a long time. There was no car available. Ane was too nice, though, that we hailed cabs when we needed to. Hah! :) We went to see someone at The Medical City, spent the entire morning there and had brunch at Pancake House. I was supposed to buy Ane his Christmas gift from me, a pair of Lacoste shoes he fell in love with while reading FHM, but when he tried it on, he didn't like the fit. We saw the pair in the Galleria store but the saleslady wasn't very nice towards us (must be thinking we can't afford their shoes?!?!) so we transfered to Shangri-La mall where he actually tried the shoes on. Now he can't think of anything he likes anymore, sigh. We strolled in Shang a bit more then we decided to go home and rest before going to mass.

One thing I realized about not having a car, when going to malls during this season, is that it's quite easy to go not having to fight for a parking slot but the hard part comes when it's time to go. The lines for cabs are just crazy. So we waited along EDSA and was glad that the group of five who stood deliberately in front of us was denied by the cab driver. Haha.

Later that day, we were sitting in the Greenhills chapel for the anticipated Sunday mass plus the mass for the Feast of Immaculate Conception. After the mass, Ane went to play badminton then we, R and I brought G to school to see a concert. Our Saturday ended just before midnight when I picked Ane and G in Greenhills.

Today, I was able to sleep longer (as in waking up for lunch) and that gave me the headache. Hehe. Am now in the office and hoping to get some work done :) TTFN!