In the Spirit of Christmas...GIVE! :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Below is an article by Rory A. posted in our badminton community forum. I am sharing this with you in case you want to extend some help. At this point, I doubt that I can still pick-up donations in kind as the group will already visit the community again this coming Sunday. Cash donations are most welcome and I can receive it via Paypal or Bank transfer (Metrobank). Please email pamarawan [dot] donations [at] gmail [dot] com so I can give you Paypal or bank details. Janet and Daday Pascual are sisters and very close to Ane and I. Pictures at the end of the article are courtesy of Daday from their initial visit. The rest of the pictures are found HERE.


The beauty and drama in the photos below cannot hide the poverty of life in Pamarawan Village, Malolos, Bulacan. In this community, people thrive mainly from the bounty of the sea. Many of them depend on fisheries to live from day to day. Village folks start their day early with fish trade along the stretch of the river channel.

Life is not easy in this side of town. It is hard to make both ends meet. The village's geographical location makes it vulnerable to the slightest hit of a storm or whatever calamity. It takes 30-45 minutes of boat ride to get to Pamarawan from the fishport in Panasahan, Bulacan, and as such, it is also difficult and costly for most children to go to school. Most of these children opt to stay home.

Fr. Efren Gomez Basco, the parish priest in the area, is currently building a formation center to help in the education of the youth and aid in the holistic growth of the townspeople. The center is currently under construction (refer to pic below) and needs further funding for its speedy completion. This building will serve as an evacuation camp whenever there's flood or if it becomes unsafe for the people to stay in their homes.

On December 9, 2007 (Sunday), volunteers headed by Janette and Daday Pascual, will visit Pamarawan and they would gladly extend to the community whatever kind of help you can give. Monetary donations will go a long way. Old clothes and shoes will be much appreciated also. Thank you very much.


Thank you!!!!