Oh lookie!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Up there! Up there!

That header is centered, certainly?!?!?

Thanks to Vin (betabloggerfordummies dot blogspot dot com) who was so helpful. I went through his articles to find answers but when I was unsuccessful, I bravely emailed him. And he did reply! At first he sent me a link to another article that I missed. I checked it out and didn't find anything in my html like it so I asked again and this time, he gave me more specific answers! Yooohoooo! I was relieved. I am going to tweak it some more but I'll do that later. I'm uber busy right now, lotsa things to rush. But before I go back to work, I will look at some hotels in Las Vegas online for someone who asked me to help research :)

I finished two 5x7 2008 calendars and I will post it in my other blog soon. Gotta go for now!