I'm back!

Friday, December 28, 2007

From where, you might ask? From bumming, LOL! It's funny Christmas went by pretty uneventful (yeah, yeah, I can see MEG and the rest shaking their heads in disagreement). But really, *that's* just one thing about Christmas and the rest aren't the same as the previous years. One, it's the first time we didn't spend the eve in Bulacan. Two, Ane and I just stayed home the entire Christmas day, hoping to see godchildren but only twelve came (out of about 50!) so I was asleep during the day and realized that the 25th is over LOL. Three, we went MMFFing after having sworn before never to participate anymore (the crowd can get pretty rowdy, ugh) but realized that it is a nicer experience when you do it in Promanade and TheaterMall...I got to watch BahayKubo and KKK. Will write my reviews for that hopefully soon, hehe.

Last night was play day with the E's. I haven't had any serious physical activity for almost two weeks that I almost collapsed. By the start of my third game, my legs were shaking and it progressed throughout the game (my arms started to shake too, plus I was missing the shuttle coz I was already seeing black, and I was breaking into a cold sweat). So yeah, I stopped on the third game. Maybe I was hungry and was pushing my eating habits to the limit. I only had Nai Cha and a mantao before the games. But lemme also say that I have been doing pretty good in my diet that I already lost 8lbs! That's in less than two months! Yeba!

Today we attended the wedding of Hub's college barkada at Fernwoods. And there, I was able to meet personally a fellow Bebot, Rache, who is an officemate of the bride...which is exciting really. It's always fun to finally meet in person someone you only talk to in the cyberworld. Hi sis! I will post pictures soon.

Tomorrow there will be a small get-together with Ane's cousins here at home. Yesterday, we were able to buy some stuff for the party, stuff that are otherwise known as "disposable plates, utensils and glasses". LOL! I hope it doesn't rain coz we didn't rent a canvas tent to keep us dry, just in case. We're only in-charged of the venue so let them bring the entertainment, food and booze! :)

Right now, my night is still young. I plan to work and scrap before going to bed. I'm not sure though if I can still be productive because I don't feel really well (lower back pains since last night!) and my eyes are starting to hurt. Sigh. We'll see.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Mine wasn't exceptional but I'm happy that my husband is here to keep me from falling "in the pit" :) Enjoy the rest of the Holidays! Another long weekend, coming up!