Hubby's IPod story

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is a long overdue post but I just remembered to blog about it after I received a call from brother in-law. He told me that he found an out-of-state person who can help revive my 30gb Z Vision (about time, eh?!), which I ordered from the States and died on me just after about six months.

Anyway, I should have gotten myself an ipod instead. I could have saved more time looking for the center to service my player. See, I got my hubby an IPod Video for Christmas last year. And then about a couple of months ago, he noticed that the battery dies so easily and that's not normal. So we brought it to the Apple Center along P. Guevarra, and after a week, they replaced not just the battery but the entire unit. Beat that! Of course the big boy was just too happy about that.

Sigh. It's a lesson learned: before purchasing anything gadget-ty, make sure the warranty is available just about anywhere. If my player isn't fixed, it's $500 down the drain. Ugh.