Personal Update

Thursday, November 29, 2007

How creative can I get, uh? Boring title I know. Anyway...

...Last week was spent mostly at home. Ane was down with flu so we didn't have any choice but to stay put. He was supposed to bring me on a date on Friday night (we didn't have Rot meeting), but ended up staying at Yellow Cab in Timog while waiting for my li'l bro (some party at a bar). He was feeling a bit better that night (he was just resting for two days, amd missed work on Wednesday).

...We were also able to watch Beowulf at the Gateway Mall on Saturday just before I went to work. Loved the movie. The graphics are simply awesome I wish I was the artist! Angelina Jolie had a moment of frontal nudity (but a CGI of course! heheh), and that body is to die for. Beowulf is one proud hero but weak, too. I plan to buy the book. Basta ang ganda!

...We had to endure a very long line before we could get our Beowulf tickets. Why? People were "clamoring" for the Lloydy-Bea movie. The ticket girl said it's a nice movie, not the usual local stuff. Even li'l bro's friends said we should catch it too. But Ane gave me the look...he won't go with me obviously. Calling my galpals, yooohooooo! Or maybe I'll drag my brothers on Friday. I also wanna watch Enchanted (now showing as well), maybe Ane will concede heheh. And then I found out today that the Bee Movie shall be shown here early January. Tagal! Sigh.

...I'm aching all over I wanna quit going to the gym hahaha. Less than to weeks and it's taking a toll on me. But I think I lost another pound. We also started eating salad from Goolai, yum yum. I've been staying away from rice, and it's helping I guess.

...My scrap mojo is back but there's an album I badly need to work on. I know this project has been dragging me for months but I'm glad I'm getting somewhere, at least. Twenty more pages to go!

...We have, yet again, evacuated from our home and are currently in QC. The river near us overflowed and it's been flooded for two days now. Doesn't help that the tide is also high. I miss our bed but we don't have much choice.

...Lastly, countdown started on the 24th and it's gonna be the longest two weeks of my life...

This has been a very disorganized entry, but a personal entry nonetheless. :) Long weekend up ahead, yahooooo!