Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Look at how expressive this little boy is. This shot was taken by Ane after J and his mom hit a strike in a bowling game (not fair though, coz they had blockers on each side! Hehe). We were celebrating his 4th birthday at that time, in June. Oh well, he's trained to show his real emotions, and that's precisely the reason he can easily make us go insane. Hehe.

Anyway, Ane entered this in their company's Photo of the Month contest (for October), the theme of which is "Emotions". Ane texted me this morning that he won 1st runner up, yayayayyyy!!! He's getting a certificate for 50 4R prints plus p1k worth of photo accessories. We didn't expect him to win at all, because we saw all the other entries and a lot are better than this shot. He entered this in a beginner's level, by the way.

Participants voted on who should win, and Ane got enough votes to land second. It must be J's expression that can be felt just by looking at him, don't you think so too? Oh, I should remember to scrap this one! :)


Mich said...

uy ang cute naman ng little boy na to hihihi :)