Saturday's Tourney

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You must be wondering what happened last Saturday to my partner, Mami C and I? Hehehe. First, I'd like to thank Patrick for capturing that shot :) And secondly, I'm not that proud of my form, coz according to my Bro G, it isn't at all proper (look at that left hand, ang arte! hihi).

The thing is, we lost all four games. Yup, we were not able to contribute a single point to our team, which landed second runner up. Go Black Scorpions!!!). But we sure did our best. It just so happened that we weren't the strongest team there is (We played in group5, lowest level hehe at wala na yatang ibang bababa pa sa level namin ni pard, heheh kidding!). And we had so much fun. Our first game was against the team we were so afraid of. Our friends were so nice to cheer for us (go, tili girls!) that everybody thought we were faring pretty well. Again, the we didn't allow the pressure to sink in and we didn't allow the fun element to be gone :) It would have been better if I won any of the raffle prizes, hihi.

Anyway, I learned so much from this tourney. I got a lot of tips from hubby, who trains with no less than Coach Martin M. His tips helped me get us points and also made me realize that I badly need to practice on my drop-shots. If I were able to make all the drop-shots I tried to return, then we could have won at least one game. I also learned that in every tournament, not just in badminton, there will always be sore losers (no need to elaborate!!! and that's not us huh!) and those who will put you down no matter what. I got annoyed at some point but that didn't ruin the entire day for me. :) Plus, I'm happy I didn't get cramps!!!! :)

Kudos to the organizers. It was worth my entry fee (although I could have just saved it for another havs, hahaha!). And I'm happy for the orange shirt's debut :) Til next tourney!