Freaky funny

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scenario: The parents together somewhere up north. My Li'l bro in the apartment in QC. Other brother in the garden but in the office. Me sitting in the garden at the guest area. Time was around 8pm on Thursday.

I suddenly received a text message from my dad (who never sends text, replies to texts by calling) as: "I luv all" -- notice how "you" was omitted and the message seemed like he typed it with some kinda urgency. Now our dad is never expressive and hardly says "I love you" to us. I was surprised, of course, and was waiting for my brother to come out from the office to ask if he received the same message. He stayed inside. My imagination started to run. What exactly was my dad's message? Was he in trouble? Were they fighting? What was going on? I waited for a few minutes before I replied, "I luv u too".

Brother came out as if nothing is wrong. I asked if he received the same message and he said yes. Apparently, li'l bro called the landline and asked why dad was sending that kind of message saying, "Freaky eh!". And the time my brother came out, he already replied that we all love him and even asked, Why po?

A few minutes passed and he couldn't stop the urge and called my mom, who was laughing at the other line, as if everything was just d*rn funny. Dad was sending the message because, as per mom...

HE WAS JUST PRACTICING THE "SEND ALL" FUNCTION!!!!!!!! (Dad got a new phone last week). Hay buhay. Hehe.