Employee cash advances

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Managing a business is a hard task. There are times that I think about the days when all I had to worry about is to be able to budget my salary for until the next payday. Now, we have employees who have no one else to run to but us. Days come when some of them need emergency money...when their salary is still a few days away. When this happen, I would not deny that our own budget gets affected too. Too bad, we do not have some kind of Faxless Payday Loans made available here, like in the States. Our employees really just depend on their bosses. In the US, paydayloanquotes.com offers easy payday loans and cash advances without credit checking, not to mention possible approval within minutes. Loans are payable in two weeks (just in time for the payday!) but may be longer. Sometimes I wonder when this kind of service is to be made available here. It would truly help with unexpected bills. I do not, however, encourage our employees to advance their salaries all the time, because debts are debts are debts. Right?