Responsible parenthood equals perfect kids?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

How can parents be assured that their kids will still take care of them when they get old? How will they know that the youngsters will not bring them to a nursing home (or in the case of this country, a home for the aged) later on in life? Nursing homes are a part of the culture in other countries while here, the idea is being frowned upon.

One church organization here apostolates on a family of seven. The oldest four of the five kids are mentally retarded and their life is hard-up (the father's income cannot sustain their daily needs). The mom, when asked why they had to continue conceiving one problematic child after the other, said that they were hoping the next kid would be normal. And that they expected the normal kid to help them take care of the not so normal ones in the future. Is that fair at all, in the case of the youngest child? How can this couple expect the youngest kid to be responsible for her siblings when her future is hardly bright? Stories like this make me sad. Children are supposed to be the hope of tomorrow. But today is the foundation that molds them.


mikaela said...

I've heard this from somewhere (not sure whether from a homily or over a discussion lang):

That it's the parents' responsibility to provide for the kids, their future - without expectations from the latter taking care of them when they get old. Coz they themselves should also provide for themselves. That they should not like "invest" on their kids and expect to get the ROI. They should also allow the kids to live their lives, of course, with their guidance.

I know this is what's IDEAL for every family. I just don't know how realistic this is.

Anonymous said...

i so agree with you, mitch :) my parents have "invested" on us and still are investing but they are not expecting anything. but you know what? even if they don't expect it, as a well brought up girl, i know what i should do in the future ;) this is one thing i'm also teaching our future kids...