Small town big timer.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I grew up in a very small town where almost everybody knows everyone. Everyone must know the back story of every inhabitant (which sucks, if you ask me). My friend once said the house that is being built beside the school is his cousin's. It's a pretty big house that one can hardly miss it. It's actually a mansion for the lady who married a "big fish". We've seen how the foundation is built (at the beginning of this year) and it is unfinished at this time. I wonder why it is taking so long? Anyway, even though the grand staircase is visible from the gate, the structure of the house is not exactly my type. I wonder if the interior furnishings are as grand as the house seems. The architecture is old for my taste so I wonder if, the bathroom vanities for instance, are contemporary or not. Or whether everything else is as "vintage" as the facade exudes. I'll wait until it's finished and we'll see...might be able to take notes on what NOT to do with our dream house, hehe.