Addicted to Marimar

Friday, November 02, 2007

That's us, my husband and I. If he has work, I gotta watch it and we talk about the episode when he gets home. On his days-off, we actually work our schedule around the primetime tv schedule. Last night, we went out for dinner with my family and we were worried we'd miss the episode. See, the story is getting exciting everyday and we can't afford to miss anything. So we were in Seaside in Julia Vargas when, while the 'rents are going around he market, we saw a small tv set with Marimar on it (before we went up to the airconditioned dining area where I "coerced" the waitress to change the channel, hehe). Bella and Sergio almost kissed again, haha, and later Sergio saw Corazon with Cruzita. So yeah, we were watching while we enjoyed some Chili Crabs, Prawns, Lapu-lapu, Squid, seaweeds and green mangoes :)

Tonight's episode was equally exciting. Sergio went back to Villa Santibanez to see his father Renato who is currently drugged to insanity by no other than the evil wife Angelika. But Nicandro told him the father is away. I wonder if Sergio finds out about his father's predicament, will he be nice and send him to a drug rehabilitation facility? Bella and Angelika have also gone face to face but the drama continues tomorrow. I doubt the social-climbing Angelika will ever win the friendship of Bella (also Marimar), because the latter knows better. I cannot wait for the next episode. Hehe.