Reminiscin' part 2 (and an Award yihee!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hi ya'all! Am back with the rest of my Childhood memories. At least one person promised to come and read the rest of the thirteen , heheh. Hi Chikai! And she gave me an award too! :) Here's the remaining 6:

  1. I remember out little nipa hut, our dear little play house where we "cook", "spend the night", "teach the kids", etc.;
  2. Waiting for an uncle at the compound gate to drive-by when he throws at us one peso each;
  3. Apples during Christmas! (back then, the fruit is too expensive for us that we only get to eat them during Holidays);
  4. Singing the Batibot theme (Pagmulat ng mata, laging nakatawa...);
  5. Almost chopping my finger into two (I still have the scar) just to share a ChickenJoy with brother; and
  6. Sitting outside my Lola's house, waiting for a banana, and falling asleep in the process (sandalog ako eh, until now! hehe).

There you go! And the award from Chikai, I am a:

Thank you sis!


Anonymous said...

It's fun reading you T13 and glad to know more about you. I remember nahulog din ako sa kanal in our backyard ang still got marks on my left leg. LOL!

Anonymous said...

hi buge! ang lilikot kasi natin ano? heheheh and dami kong scars but i enjoyed my childhood very much, thank you :) guess what? i have more scars than my husband! mwehehehe mas makinis pa siya sa akin hehe

CHIKAI ♥ said...

same here kaje, dami ring akong scars. remembrance ng uber saya kong childhood. hehehe.

tska nakakarelate ako dun sa apple. dati nga iniisip ko pang mayaman lang ang prutas na yon. hehe.