The ground shook on this part of the world

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We just had lunch at around 1225 and I was standing, more like leaning on a chair at the dining table, when I felt the earth moving. I looked at my brother, and decided that, yeah, there was an earthquake. I grabbed my bags and we went out of the house immediately. All the neighbors were somehow oblivious. We were the only ones outside! It lasted only for a few seconds and immediately afterwards, I received a call from Ane and said they felt it too (their office is at the 28th floor), it was kinda scary.

At the moment, while I go over a term life insurance quote, I'm searching the net for some more information and realized that the quake was relatively mild (at 4.2 magnitude with epicenter somewhere up north, and about intensity 2-3 in Metro Manila) that major effects are fatfetched. There's no more update on the net. Maybe I should just wait for the news later tonight. :)


donna_chocnut said...

Hi Tin! Oo nga, katakot yung earthquake kanina. Epicenter nasa Dagupan, around 5.8 daw ang "preliminary magnitude". Sana di na maulit. Ingat kayo. Ganda ng badminton pic mo! =)

Kaje said...

kagulat ano? :) magkakaiba sila ng sinasabing magnitude e, kalowka hehe...

salamat sa pagpansin sa maganda kong picture hihi