A lot of times, they don't get it...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

See, I just talked to the part-timer girl and told her that starting next cut-off, she will be regularized (nice performance for the last three months). She accepted the offer and we said that she will still be supervised because she has to learn more...and she needs to learn stuff asap. We told her the new pay rate and that she should also inform the officer to fix the schedule with her doing an 8-hour duty. Am not sure though if my announcement made her happy.

And then I called the officer in so I could inform him and instruct him. He left and returned in a huff because of one concern.

He said that, even if the crew was informed that their pay rate is confidential, they won't stop asking each other and comparing. Sigh. And the officer is afraid that the others will feel "ripped-off" when they found out our offer to this new regularized girl. That should be the least of our problems, ayt? As if we can tape their lips sealed and never let them talk. I'm just sad that they question our decisions. Even sadder that they would feel we are treating them unfairly. And yet they don't know that we are actually preparing a new scheme for the old-timers. I don't owe them any explanation and I'm standing firm. I just had to share it coz I suddenly felt stressed.