It's that time again!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

EOM - as in end of the month. Ugh. At this time, am busy thinking of bills to pay, checks to fund and payroll to disburse (and I have other deadlines, too!!!).

I've said it and I am going to say it again -- running a business is not easy-peasy. When I was still a part of the so-called workforce, I used to complain a lot about salary deductions -- taxes, contributions, premiums as well as other payables (mobile phone, credit card and gimmick expenses, etc). Back then, I was with a big company that we considered ourselves leaning on a wall because of its stability. Even a payday loan is easily approved through the cooperative. Those were the days when I would complain and never realize that it's easier to wait for payday to come rather than thinking about whether the cash on hand would be enough for everything and everyone.

But we get by, gladly. And because really, running a business has it's long term benefits. I just have to wait and be patient :)