Thursday, November 08, 2007

Yen's Thursday Thirteen today inspired me to do this post. It's all about random memories from childhood (not sure I can fill up the 13 slots though) ;)
  1. My sister and I are eleven months apart so we got used to be mistaken as twins! Didn't help that we wore similar clothes and haircut :)
  2. I remember mom and dad bringing us to Fiesta Carnival in Cubao and riding the carousel
  3. Riding a "katig-less" banca, scary haha
  4. My brother R hit me with a small bowl even if I was sick (I must be that annoying, uh!)
  5. I joined a declamation contest (Oh Captai, my Captain) in Grade One because my teacher said I had a powerful voice and good diction. I was the only girl competing and I lost.
  6. My mom's BIL was playing with me, threw me up the air, missed me for a second, and finally caught me by the ankles..and I was upside down, hanging behind him!
  7. I fell in a canal behind my lola's house and got this scar on the forehead.

I'll come back for more. This got me thinking eh :) But I gotta close the store first...hehehe


Anonymous said...

awww.. scary naman yong ibang experiences. @>@

balik lang ako dito for more kaya forced ka to finish this list. hehe.

btw, i have an award for you on my blog: