Brand Curious

Friday, November 16, 2007

MJ tagged me and would like to know the Brand of my:

1) wristwatch? A purple Timex and two brandless ones I got from Target.
2) bracelet? Do beads count? As for real jewelry, I lost my precious pieces to thieves.
3) cell phone? A free Sony Ericsson S500i from my mobile service provider. I'm a big SE fan!
4) computer? Desktop: generic chopchop assembled by hubby. Laptop: Ivy, my ThinkPad.
5) bags? Lacoste, Guess, RL, Nine West and lots of unknown ones.
6) undies? Victoria's Secret and some local brands.
7) flip-flops? Havaianas (my splurge!) and generic ones.
8) shoes? Nike, Keds, Aerosoles, Nine West, Baddeo, SM Shoes! :)
9) wallet? Nine West
10) shirts? Lacoste, Burberry, Old Navy and lotsa unbranded ones.
11) TV? LG and Sony

12) cars? Technically we don't own one, we just borrow whichever is available - Isuzu, Toyota or Mitsubishi
13) mp3 player? I share an IPod 30gb Video with Hubby but I only use it while driving (transmitted) coz earphones are bad for my ears, really.
14) make up? Bare Escentuals
15) shampoo and conditioner? Head & Shoulders and CreamSilk respectively.
16) jeans? brandless
17) laundry soap? Pride
18) lotion? Lubriderm Pink, Cetaphil, Jergens
19) toothpaste? Colgate
20) ballpen? a black Reynolds, at the moment.

Thanks for the tag girl!