Quiapo Adventure and Slashing stories

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My brother R, cousin Ana, staff Ricky and G's driver Zaldy went on a Quiapo trip yesterday. We met Ana and Ricky at SM Manila and then we were off to C. Palanca to find the parking space near the famed Ills de Tulle. Ry felt secured enough to leave Tisay in the paid parking area, since it was guarded, that he allowed Zaldy to go with us. We initially asked him to stay and guard the car coz we never know what might happen. Our agenda was to buy a new DVD Videoke for the bar since our old one got busted and our guests have become restless without it. We checked some stores near where we parked but decided to go with the original plan of canvassing in Raon. We walked and we got there, the place is truly a cheap electronics haven! The machine we chose has about 10,500 songs (new ones) and comes with a pair of microphones. It was so cheap we decided to get another DVD player for the concert videos. In total we spent only less than P6,000 (about $135), and even if our loot was cheap, Zaldy was able to haggle it down a bit more. Good thing we got him to tag along! We had lunch at ChowKing while waiting for the long microphone cords we also purchased. And then before we finally left the area, we shopped for some dibides for only 3 for P100. Yay!


A friendly reminder to those who commute: Beware of snatchers and slashers! Since Christmas is nearing, like in previous years, the crime rate related to stealing is rising. The other day, I was talking to a previous colleague and said she got her bag slashed on her way to work. And then yesterday, while Zaldy is waiting for a bus, his pants' back pocket got slashed. Good thing he caught the culprit just before the man was able to take his wallet. Anyone who've seen our driver will know that he is too big for thieves to even try stealing from him. But these criminals are well-trained that way (or maybe they thought Zakdy is just too heavy he won't be able to run anyway?!? heheh). Zaldy was able to kick the man and the man was soon calling for back-up that Zaldy had to rush and get in any bus before he gets into further trouble. Take care all of you! ;)