Shopping, shopping!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today is Ane's day-off and we scheduled to have the truck serviced today for maintenance. We decided to go to the mall while Espee is being serviced. Anyway, yesterday I received an anonymous text saying that all SM Advantage and Prestige members (am one of them) gets 10% off on ALL items all day, for today only. I was hesitant to believe it since the text didn't come from those 4-digit numbers (ie. 2977, 2640 etc.) but I forwarded it to Ane just the same. I instantly knew, when he replied (even if he didn't say so) that he smelled he's in trouble! ::Wink::

We left Espee in Isuzu and got to the mall. It was true after all that we can get 10% discount for all purchases in the department store! So while having lunch at Kenny Roger's (which I didn't enjoy, I forgot to tell the cashier I wanted the breast part!) I listed what I needed to buy (and wanted! hehe). We got gifts for my godchildren who I will on saturday, stuff for Joaquin (a pair of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, a polo shirt, a polo, a shirt and pairs of briefs), cargo pants for Ane, I got some underwear too, a make-up bag plus vanity mirror, and some socks. Yay! I wasn't done looking around but we needed to go already. I dropped by the bookstore to get some office supplies, too.

I wanted to shop for clothes but I'll do that next time. Husbands can get pretty impatient while the wives shop, I tell yah! :) My brother picked us up from the mall, dropped Ane at the service center, and then off to the garden. :)