Tomorrow is August 1!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Huwat?!? The last day of the first half of the year is almost over! Where.did.time.go?!?

Correct Lighting fixture makes a perfect house.

This I truly believe. I've gone to visit a few beautiful houses and the ones that stand out are the ones that are fitted with the right lighting pieces, even chandeliers. For me a house becomes a bit more homey with these things...not too grand but neither too simple. Hotel room lights are perfect for those cozy, cuddly nights. Someday, our own Master's bedroom will have the same ambience because of the lights :)

Family time is important.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sundays are important. It is a time to spend with family (after God). Too bad, Ane has to work on Sundays until I dunno when. It is on these days that it shouldn't matter whether we have extra money to spend or not. Eating at fastfoods and nothing fancy would oftentimes be enough, heck, eating at home before going out is usually better on those days. Coffee and desserts sessions (what we call "Starbucking") are amiss. As long as we are together, we are fine. As long as there are no business and work talk, we are fine. As long as we don't talk about our current circumstances, even for just a couple of hours, that is enough.

Like yesterday. The two brothers, the 'rents, and I were at Rockwell. We were able to squeeze in the budget for a movie. Later, I realized we should have gone somewhere else (but not SM! hehehe arte talaga) because the movie cost P161...where was I when this happened?!? Hehe. Or maybe, back in the days, it didn't matter how much a movie costs? Hmmmm.

While everyone else (the lines were loooooooonggg!) were lining up for Ratatouille, we had tickets for The Simpson Movie. The rat movie is pretty nice too (saw it in the States) but the Li'l bro wanted Simpsons, him being a fan. Mom was apprehensive when she realized we were watching cartoons but later, while inside, we could hear her laughing out loud. That's what the movie is. Full of laughter from start to finish. The humor is not for kids though, with it's PG13 rating.

I suggest you watch it too. If only to forget about life (and it's troubles) for a moment. Cheers! :)

**picture from wikipedia

Hungry for more of Harry Potter!

It really feels good that Daday and Mitch are done reading Book 7. At least now, I can freely discuss it (and understand it more). Oh well, I also enjoy telling the story to my brothers who would rather read it later on...after they lost interest due to the spoilers! And I cannot talk about it at home because Ane simply refuse to listen, hihihi.

Anyway, D popped me a message this afternoon. And it started a little discussion and a lot of realization..and then later more questions to answer about the whole HP series. It is fun talking about Harry and I found myself really hungry for more. Especially when D sent me this link, where JK Rowling is being interviewed. If you are also done with the book (otherwise, don't dare go there:)), go on and click the link. It's like the transcription of the interview shown in the Today show. You'll be surprised at the additional information JK shared that is not in the book! Plus other links in that page :)

Oh my, I wish Rowling will really publish a some kind of Harry Potter encyclopedia! And I also hope we can someday visit the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando which will open in 2009! :)

This is for Mitch ;)

I always tell her to go online and find someone she can date (possibly live happily ever after with). She would brush me off, smiling usually, but really...sometimes, it works. Hubby and I met somewhere in the net and became friends (that was about seven years ago!). So Mitch, this entry is dedicated to you!

Did you know that you can actually do online dating, meet new friends and acquiantances? There are a lot of free dating sites but only one does a real good job at matching. JustSayHi is a 100% free online dating site and as good as any other paid dating sites. One can discover the benefits and the long wait could probably be over...THE ONE just might be lurking in the net :)

Try it now!

I am a terrible keeper.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Yesterday, I was a bit panicky. I could not find some very valuable and sentimental pieces in my usual hiding places. I panicked even more when I asked the three people I would most likely ask to keep it for me -- my brother, my mom, and my MIL -- whether I left those with any of them before we left. Negative.

I was quite sure they are not missing neither misplaced. I am just a terrible keeper that even I could not find where I kept my things!!! So I was crying in worry that I felt so sick yesterday. This caused some very nasty arguments (rather fight) with Ane -- the works (Pang-MMK!), complete with the car chase and urgent mobile phone calls. Won't go into details, I just wanted to show you the big picture. If you know us, we never fight like that.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. We found what we were looking for (where I left them in the first place!!!!). And the two of us?!? We're good :)

Do you go to the gym?

Last year, I had the urge to go back to the gym. Luckily, my mom volunteered to enrol me lifetime, even bought me personal trainer services. But I stopped just before Christmas and never got the chance to return after the holidays. That is sad considering that my body suffers from yoyo weight problems (not the extreme ones, anyway). Last week, my trainer Ome, followed-up on me (I still have more than 30 sessions to go!) and I gave him some shallow reasons for not going back (ie. no car to get there, hehehe). But I really think I should go back because my hubby said I'm getting flabby especially after the long break. Maybe I should also try some muscle milk to firm? Or maybe not, am lactose intolerant, ayt?

So, do you go the gym? :)


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I was bloghopping and got inspired by one of Tey's entries. We also have a lot of made-up words that we use sparingly. We started using these words since my youngest brother uttered these...we use them until now. My Ane got used to the words already and so my other brother's significant other, April. Oh well, even our househelps use some of these words sometimes!

Here goes:

  • Titon (tee-ton) -- n. especially useful during summer a.k.a. airconditioning unit.
  • Papis (pah-pees) -- v. the act of brushing one's teeth.
  • Lelo (leh-loh) -- v. the act of washing one's body.
  • Wowo (woe-woe) -- n. grandfather/Mommy or Daddy's uncle.
  • Wowa (woe-wah) -- n. wife/partner/sister of Wowo.
  • Nene (neh-neh) -- n. bottled milk; v. the act of drinking the nene (ie. Nenene ka na?)
  • Icewee (ahys-wee) -- n. frozen dairy product.
  • Babyshew (bey-bhee-shoo) -- n. yummy grilled skewered pork.
  • Kuya (coo-yah) -- n. literally means an older brother; n. the third kid, the one born after me but I still call him Kuya, everybody in our family, even the 'rents, call him that so the youngest kid will learn to use it too.

It's fun to make up words! :) Not sure if I included everything, I'll ask my brothers, though. This entry is cross-posted in my other webhouse :)

My father goes techie.

Ever since he started serving the people, he would go to different places here and abroad for his trainings & seminars or simply group outings. He would find himself pictureless during those times or sometimes it would take his companions too long before he is given copies. So when he saw my sister's old Canon Powershot, he had the guts to ask her for it. She gave it up thinking it was about time to upgrade anyway :)

So he brought it back to Manila, took shots here and there. Until he took a shot and regret taking it only after a few minutes. And guess what? He forgot to ask any of us how to even delete a shot! He naturally panicked and accidentally deleted everything! Haha!

He is nowhere near being techie at all! Well at least, he has his secretary to do techie stuff for him :)

Spoilers are Losers!

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Monday at 3am. At the rate that I went, that was still kinda slow. Hehe. I got the book around 7am on Saturday and started reading around 8am at Kopi Roti in Katipunan (we dropped li'l big bro in Ateneo and killed time in the coffee shop waiting for the Greenhills shops to open so Ane can have his racket re-strung). But got distracted, every now and then and I had to sleep, too. Anyway, at least I was able to finish it. I'd say that the book is brilliant and I will not say anything more.

But I'd just like to share that after reading, I asked my bro G for the link of the supposed spoilers sent to him on Thursday. If you are curious, go Google encyclopedia dramatica and search within the site for Harry Potter and it will lead you to pictures that wormed the net even before the book was released. Now the people who do this are losers. They are not readers at all and are sadistic! How can they spoil everything for those who waited to read this amazing story?!? There are even youtube videos that show spoilers being painted on cars and the cars being driven where people are waiting to get their copies. Sigh. That makes me really angry.

I was paying for my copy on Saturday and there came a group of teenage girls who squealed in delight after seeing the books near the cashier. And guess what they did after that? They got too excited, jumped up and down while shouting, "Look at the ending! Look at the ending!". Gosh. I almost screamed at them to stop doing that because they are spoiling the moment, my moment.

I couldn't help but be emotional about this. Maybe it's just me ;)

My love for books

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I don't remember when exactly it happened but I realized I love to read. My friends would tease me, that I read so slowly. But I enjoy it. It is in reading that I widened my vocabulary. It is in reading that I improved my grammar. My parents would tell us never to scrimp on books (and food!), and we never did. My dream house, in fact should have a mini-library. I have been collecting books and I can say I already have a lot. But I have yet to discover other great writers because I feel that some of my choices are juvenile, hehe.

La Lohan is arrested.

I was browsing Yahoo this evening and read that Lindsay Lohan was being arrested in LA for drunk driving. When she is already facing charges for the same violation, here she goes again. And even suspected for cocaine possession. Now I pity this young woman who supposedly has everything. This time, I am not so sure whether drug rehabs would be enough. Am afraid she has to follow the ex-BFF's (Paris) fate. Hmmmmm.

Can't wait for tomorrow.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter book 7 (Deathly Hallows) is finally out tomorrow! I called Fully Booked Promenade (where I made my reservation in February!) this morning and I was told that they will open at 7am tomorrow!! Yay! I'll probably miss the Saturday Badminton EB because I'll be busy reading. Last night, my li'l big bro sent me an SMS saying that someone sent him a link to some spoilers of the book. Oh well, he read the supposed spoiler and I didn't let him go further than saying he did that. Ang loko, naghahanap lang pala ng mapapagbawian, sus. My ears and eyes are closed to anything that will spoil everything for me. I wasn't able to re-read the past books but am still excited to read this new one.

Anyway, I am loving the new layout of this blog. I love that the post area is so wide :) I know I have a lot more to do (like the banner!), I need to tweak some settings and change some of the colors. Am done with the color kinda tired of orange too, but this will do for now. And that avatar? Ages ago! It needs to go :) I have a lot of figuring out to do with that other webhouse, too. I am super thankful that Amor is patiently helping me and teaching me stuff so alien to me.

Another thing to look forward to is the group study in Basic Photography of some Bebots initiated by Abie. Our first assigment is on White Balance and I can't wait to do the assignment this weekend (Oh I still need to study the camera's icons!!!). My output will be posted in the other blog since I figured I can use that space to share all my attempts at creativity. There's the clue :) My new webhouse is going to be my Playground where I can showcase my creative side (or lack thereof :))

Whew! TGIF! Have a nice weekend everyone! (gotta end this now, Rotary meeting in a weekend is about to start!)

ps. I am also looking forward to receiving my copy of the August/September issue of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine, that I subscribed to. I know it is already available as I saw a copy at Fully Booked at The Block. I am excited! :)


Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am currently renovating this blog. I am also cooking up another webhouse. :) Information overload, I tell yah. Hihihi.

I hope I can make this more presentable before I claim the new Harry Potter book on Saturday. I also hope to hold the webhousewarming of the new one by next week. Wish me luck!

US Pics finally uploaded!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Finally, I finished uploading our US pics in Flickr. Thanks to Yahoo/Flickr, for giving me a three-month free PRO account. See Yahoo photos is closing down in a few months and I was made to choose what to do with my pictures uploaded there. I figured that since I already have my Flickr account, I will use that instead. Then the PRO account for choosing Flickr (a Yahoo company). Now I must have $25 by the end of three months for me to continue the PRO service heheheh paktay na naman kay Ane.

Oh I miss that silly face! This one was taken by Kuya J. THIS IS WHERE THE REST OF THE PICTURES ARE. Thank you for looking. Thank you for sharing our trip through pictures :)

A truck is a truck is a truck.

I was looking at my assigments and I hurriedly went to the site where they sell truck accessories thinking that I will see parts for, well, trucks. Trucks as in fire trucks, garbage trucks, that sort of thing, but I am obviously wrong the second I got to the website. Hehe.

I remember last year when Joaquin came here with his dad. He refused to call a Revo or an Expedition, a car. His Ninong's Altis is the only one he would call a car. All others are trucks. Anything that is big for that matter, he called a truck. Because that's what they are in the US. :)

From now on, I will also believe my hubby when he says that my in-laws' Sportivo is a truck -- runs like one, sounds like one, mechanism is like one and is made for the flood-county of Metro Manila, hihihi.

Oh great!

Monday, July 16, 2007

The husband who asked me to bring home the PSP yesterday took the thing from my laptop tote last night and its supposed charger.

Now I've been sitting here for more than 4hours... then the laptop says I should connect the charger since the power will die soon.

I reached for my tote, and guess what I found? The PSP charger! And my laptop charger is probably sitting at home, wondering why I left him there. Argggghhhhh.

So this is it for now. Hayyy no wonder, the bag seemed a bit lighter today.

It's a Sunday and I am at work.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ane is at work (days-off: Fri & Sat). I am at work. It's always stressful when I am here. You just do not know how stressful it could get just to be here. I hear voices and I'm not hallucinating at all, believe me. It's been a struggle just to be sitting and hearing two people exchange/throw childish remarks at each other. Enough.

I should be happy. The past few days were happy. Except for Wednesday.

I'll make this Wednesday kwento short. Ika nga ng matatanda, ipagpasa-Diyos na lang natin. My mom and I took the first flight to Cebu at 430am. We planned to go to the Requiem Mass for Ana, my sister's college barkada (she also grew close to our family), at 9am. Before Ane and I left for Manila, we received the sad news that she was on respirator after she committed the unthinkable. When we arrived here on Sunday, my ate said that she passed away. Of course we were all sad. She was too young to die. When we (mom and I didn't know we were on the same flight with some college classmates and a prof) arrived in the funeral parlor, we were able to talk to Ana's cousins and we were enlightened a bit. The mass was a very emotional one. Immediately afterwards, her body was taken to the crematorium. I took some photos. Her ashes was to be thrown to the sea, so there was no point really to stay longer. Later, my mom's friend picked us up and showed us the city (it was my first time to be in Cebu)...more like a joyride I'd say. Since the trip was totally unplanned, mom's friend wasn't able to clear her sched and we spent the entire day in her car. The trip was really short. We were back in NAIA by 9pm, same day. I plan to visit again some other time.

Thursday was a busy day at work.

Friday, I was at the cafe early to take care of some money matters. By lunch time, Ane was back from renewing his driver's license and went to pick me up. I went with him to his HR Department then he dropped me to my Rotary Meeting at Heritage.

Yesterday was my Hubby's birthday. He is now three-oh years old and he surely doesn't look like one. We didn't do anything special. When we woke up, we had the urge to watch the new Harry Potter Movie. So off we went to Rockwell with my two brothers. The theater disappointed me because the seats and carpet looked dirty, hay. Powerplant cinemas are my fave cinemas pa naman. The movie was okay except that it got dragging at some parts and the climax was, oh well, too quick it did not sink right away. We had lunch afterwards at Kaya. Later, we were found at GHBC playing with our badminton buddies. I had five games and you bet my body is aching as of the moment. Dinner was at 4xforce. Oh, I certainly missed our Saturday after-play food!

Today, since Ane is at work, we (my two bros and parents) celebrated his bday without him, hehe. We had lunch at Healthy shabu-shabu at SM North The Block and had some desserts at Cerealicious (yummy!). And then I am here.

It is almost closing time and I need to end this now. ;)

Why I was not online yesterday.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Credits here

Was in Cebu and back. Will come back to post full story.

Almost due Opps.

I was away from the cyberworld yesterday the whole day. I was busy the day before that. Still busy until today. I admit my mind is still somewhere else (definitely not in Manila...probably in an Orlando vacation rental villa...could be in Vegas...hmmmmmm). You know the feeling that you have to re-orient yourself after a long time of being away? Am having a hard time getting back on track (especially with all the pictures to upload & scrap, and stories to share...I get so distracted!). So I opened my assignments and realized that tomorrow is already the 13th and I have four dues! Sigh.

And now I am done. :)

My own room.

I never had my own room until my sister moved to Australia to study. That was after she graduated from college. So I can say that I never had my own childhood room. I never got the chance to decorate my own space. I also did not get to choose my own kids bedding(s). So when my sister left and I had the room for myself, I already outgrew kids' stuff. I no longer wish for kiddie things but someday, I would want my kids to have their own personal space. That way, they can practice individuality early on their lives. :)

8 things about me :)

Caryl & Joyce tagged me :) Thanks for thinking of me, ladies!

The Rules: “Each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those peoples’ sites and comments letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come read the post, so they know what they have to do.”

There you have it. And here are eight things about me:

1. My husband and I recently celebrated our First Year Anniversary.
2. I am the second among four kids, younger between two girls. I want four kids too!
3. I can spend all day just sitting in front of the PC/laptop and continuously hurt my eyes (now at grade 300)
4. I love to travel but is not rich enough to to do it often :P
5. I am still a PROMDI :)
6. But I spent my HS and College Days in Manila.
7. I have alot of friends but few very close ones.
8. I do not eat anything with gata.

I will have to break the rule :( Not sure who would like to do this. Dunno who to tag anymore.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One of the things that I would really love to collect are watches. It doesn't matter if it's cheap or uber-expensive. As long as the watch fits my taste, why not? Ane got me two watches from Target. Haven't tried any of my loot yet but they're both cute :)

I would really love to have at least one of the swiss army watches I saw on the net. But looking at the prices, it's more like an investment rather than just a vanity piece.

Ninong can go home by himself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Said Joaquin. Hehe. He didn't want me to leave, but jokes my Ane that he can leave anytime. But he was happily waving goodbye at us at the airport. Later he said we were just at the market. Poor boy, thinking we are returning anytime soon.

I was talking to him this morning and asked me, "Ninang, are you still in the airplane?" Which made me laugh, hihi. And made kwento about his Mommy getting him a new Lego Set (of course my sister was denying it to his face hahaha). Anyway, I always tease him and tell him "You silly boy!" for which he would retort, "You silly mommy!". My answer would always be, "I'm not your mommy!". One day, I was startled because he answered back, whispering, "But you are my secret mommy." Aaawwww. How can I not adore this boy?

On our last day in San Jose, we still managed to watch Tranformers again :). We accompanied Kuya Jun. Of course, we had a blast (again!) and I understood the movie better the second time around. Because then, I was more observant and saw all the small details of the movie which are quite important too. We got home around two pm and continued packing our stuff. We also managed to get some boxes of Girl Scouts cookies from (Tita) Didith. We love free stuff :)

While packing though, we received some sad news from Ate's college galpal (more on that later). On the way to the airport, we grabbed some Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts and some Burgers from In N Out so we'll have something to eat at the airport while we wait for our boarding. I'll miss the burgers for sure!

We parted ways around 830pm. I felt like crying especially when we said our goodbyes. We took off shoes and passed through security. I was trying my best so my tears won't fall until...

Security asked me about my handcarried bag and whether they can open and inspect it. And then boom! I was instantly scared (a bit) while thinking about the contents (not that there are prohibited things in there, duh!) but just the thought of being held for a few minutes. I was nervous! It was just the ref magnet we bought from Disney that did it. Hehe. So there. My momentum was clearly ruined, hihi.

After that, I looked back and realized that my sister and her family already left. Sigh. I miss Joaquin already.


1. When did you arrive?

- We left San Francisco Airport on July 6 at 11pm. There was a brief stop-over in Guam but we were not allowed to unboard. Our plane landed on NAIA2, July 8 430am, one hour earlier than ETA on our tickets (prolly because of DST? hmmm).

2. How was the flight?
- The flight was pretty smooth from SanFo to Guam (about 10hours). Our seats sucked though. We were assigned on aisle82 (waaayyyy behind) beside the area where the food was stored. It was a noisy area. The man sitting behind us was pushing our seats forward, even had the guts to take his shoes off. He put up his foot where we can practically smell it! For dinner, we had some steamed fish (we ran out of choices!) over rice and vegetables. We didn't have our own tv monitors installed on the seats in front of us so we decided to just sleep. But couldn't. Sigh. Breakfast was served before landing Guam (corned beef and rice). The short flight from Guam to Manila (about 3hours) was bumpy. Rainy season has arrived so it was cloudy.

3. Why did it take so long for you to come out of the airport?
- Baggage claim took ages!! Okay, more than an hour. The carousel for our flight was also used simultaneously for another flight. Argh! No problems though with Immigration and Customs.

4. You look fat, did you gain weight?
- I beg to disagree! I did gain weight, only about a pound or so but that's pretty insignificant. :) Ane also gained a few pounds...The gain is something a badminton game can easily shed.

5. You got tanned, did you?
- Yes. I guess those times we were out at the Theme Parks did it for us.

6. Where's my pasalubong?
- Sorry to say that we didn't bring home any. At least not that much. We weren't there for a shopping spree as our pocket money was very limited. We did buy some stuff for others who sent in money though.

7. The biggest question of all: Did you get pregnant while you where there?
- This is a dreaded question, it gets me stressed really. But to answer the question: NO. I was delayed for 45days until I felt cramps while onboard.

Still on vacation.

Much to my brother's disappointment. I do not blame him though. I know there are a lot of things to do. And since getting back, I know I haven't been doing what I should be doing.

Anyway, do you notice that most people who go on a break, for instance a Florida vacation, choose to rent houses rather than check in a hotel? It's probably the trend nowadays. I would want that too. But I will have to tag along a maid. Hehe.

Manila bound in about 5 hours :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

My li'l brother is a music-lover.

Yep, he is. Amazingly, he appreciates music from all genres. Quiz him about some new band and he'll give you answers :) Ask him about New Wave or some OPM songs from the 70-80's (he was born in '90), he can even sing the tunes. While here, instead of buying himself clothes or big boy toys, he got music CD's...lots of those :) If we had the luxury of time (and money!), we would have purchased concert tickets online to see a band or two that he likes to listen to live.

Anyway at the moment, he's into some Rock music, that kind of stuff. He texted me last week if we cold still grab him three CD's he'd really like to have in his collection (and in his IPod, too!). We had a hard time finding one of the CD's because we weren't familiar with the band. We went to Barnes and Noble on Tuesday, and I must say I was quite embarrased. I was looking for a CD by Juturna named Circa Survive. The man in the counter (being an old man himself), could not find it in their database. And then when he tried to look for Circa Survive, he looked at me and said, 'Circa Survive is the name of the band and Juturna is the album title'. It figured! I smiled and thanked him for the information but I felt my cheeks went red. Hehe. Finally, we got the CD at Circuit City where it is available :)

Entries in one.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Our flight is tomorrow. From monday til today were busy busy busy. Am doing this post while we are packing so,

I'll do bullets for updates (so I won't forget...):

  • Monday - Lunch at Cheesecake factory and Malling at Valley Fair with Marijoe and Lira. :) Bought a few things.
  • Tuesday - Stayed home and did the laundry whole day. Went out for a while for lunch and to buy Ane's PSP. In the evening, Ane and I were picked up by the same couple friend we had dinner last week. We caught the 1130pm showing of Transformers (ang danda danda danda!) at Cupertino AMC. Libre :)
  • Wednesday - 4th of July. Malling at Oakridge. Ane bought me a watch, a book, a mag and two blouses :) At night we tried to catch a fireworks display but we got there a minute too late, oh!
  • Today - Was out the whole day. Our to-buy list is crossed-out except for one (we'll try to see tom). Ane bought me a tote laptop bag (yey!) and a wallet. Dinner was with Jo, her husband Ryan, and Lira at a Chinese Restaurant in Milpitas. Starbucks afterwards.

Ciao for now hehehe...

Warm up!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I am thinking of a vacation while on a vacay myself, hehe. You see, when we arrived here, spring was almost over. And now, summer is very much here. Like today, the temperature is like that of Manila's (but less humid). So it doesn't feel like we are away.

I want to go somewhere else. Somewhere colder and a place where there is an outdoor fireplace. Ane and I would cuddle, drink some hot chocolate and talk about our future. That would be nice and romantic, huh?

Top Gun!

This is the ride that we almost snubbed at Paramount Great America. This is also the same ride Ane was too chicken to try. Hehe.

Notice I was praying at the beginning of the ride. My eyes were also closed almost the entire time. :) That's my brother G in shorts.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

...on the net, can be fun, just like watching house-shows on hgtv etc. I get to see different types of houses and communities as well. Like I always say, my dream is to build a house with my hubby. But since we are far from that dream as of yet, I content myself with just looking around. Today, I had fun browsing what Branson real estate can offer at the moment.

My husband has a "Baby"

Sunday, July 01, 2007

An intriguing title, I may say. But you have to read til the end to understand.

As all of you now know, today is our First Year Anniversary :) We are not in Manila and we are running low on funds so we didn't plan on doing anything special. We just went to mass together with our "foster family", watched the 130pm showing of Ratatouille (which is not really for kids, as most kids were kinda bored during the movie) while we munched on refillable popcorn (notice we didn't have lunch, hehe), brought Kuya J home coz he had to work, fed the Kois at the Park and then watched the Minor League Baseball at the Municipal Stadium. Watching the game is a first time and it is a bummer that SJ Giants was losing 7-1 at Seventh inning, so we decided to not finish the game.

On our way to the Stadium, Joaquin and I were having a conversation that went:

J: Where are we going Ninang?
Me: We are going to watch a baseball (I pronounced it as basebelle on purpose) game.
J: Ninang!!! It's not basebelle!!! It's baseball!!!
Me: Ah okay, basebelle!
J: Baseball!!!!

And we continued to quiz him with other words (truck, candy, bank etc etc), and it was so funny we almost got him annoyed heheh. Anyway, we got home at 7pm, ate dinner from yesterday's party and we have been just lounging since then.

What about my title?

I woke up this morning and read my text messages. One came from Clarice, our wedding coordinator. I told Ane that she greeted us. He said someone texted him too, asking him to answer his phone... it was from a certain Clarisse. I thought why would Clarice text him too, ayt? I read the text he received and this transpired:

Me: Eh ibang Clarisse naman yan eh. (this is a different Clarisse)
Him: Sino ba sinasabi mo? (Who are you talking about?)
Me: Si Clarice natin, may iba pa ba? (Our Clarice, is there anyone else?)
Him: Meron, pero ang tawag ko "Baby" (Yes there is but I call her "Baby").
**note for mitch, magkaibang tao sina Clarisse at CLARICE, mwehehe...

And then he was laughing that very funny laugh. My dear husband can be pretty comedic, huh? Of course he was just kidding! ;) I know that one factor this relationship didn't feel like a year has passed already is that he can make funny moments out of serious ones without too much of an effort. I love him dearly for that. I usually fall into a pit of sadness (without reason!) and he is always there to pull me up and keep me sane.

I love you, Ane! We have a lifetime to go! :) xoxoxoxox

A Biology lesson.

Before I came here for a vacation, I was talking to my HS Biology Teacher, Ms. T, who has become a lifetime friend. We planned to see each other after I got married but we didn't get around to doing so. It was postponed and re-postponed, until I told her I'll be away for two months. Just letting her know. Anyway, one of the reasons we didn't see each other was she became busy with her brother who had a stroke. I exclaimed, "your brother had a heart attack?!?!" I tell you, she wanted to laugh and scream at me at the same time. Hehe. Finally she composed herself and told me, it doesn't follow stroke = heart attack, and that she should have flunked me in Bio back then. Shame on me. Hehe.

Anyway, she probably won't believe it when she hears this. After watching Ratatouille this afternoon, I realized that DNA matching may be done using strands of hair! Pardon my ignorance but that's the same reason I never wanted to be a Doctor in the first place! :) Hehe.

Joaquin's party

We didn't plan on having a big party. Simple is the word. It was a lunch party yesterday at the BBQ grounds of this apartment complex. We started the day at around 8am (too early for me waaahh!). I started by cutting the fruits and putting it in serving trays. Ane and Kuya J worked on the balloons (people can actually buy helium tanks here, hehe). While my sister got the cake and some ice from the supermarket. We started bringing the things outside and setting the place up just before 10am. Before 11am, Ane and Kuya was off to pick up the food from Chef P's. There were lotsa food to munch! :)

We finished setting up a bit past 11am and the guests started to arrive. The adults started chatting away while the kids enjoyed playing with the train tracks we also set-up. By 1215pm, the entertainer, Silly Dee arrived and warmed-up the kids by blowing balloons and setting it free. The kids were easily amused! They wanted to do that over and over again. And then SD started making balloons for the kids. She asked Joaquin what his favorite animal is, and my boy didn't answer right away. He looked up, as if thinking and said "a Penguin!". SD rolled her eyes and am quite sure SD was caught off-guard. What 4 year-old kid would say that, eh? Hehe. Silly Dee would have easily done a dog balloon or a cat or even a rabbit. But a penguin?! She was able to pull it off, though. Coolness! And then there was a little puppet show with SD and her worm in an apple. It was so easy to entertain the kids, I had so much fun just watching them laugh :) Silly Dee also adored the kids, they were all so cute :) The kids also had fun playing in the playground. Later we has the candles on the cake blown and before we knew it, it was time to clean up.

The guests started to leave, with take-away boxes :) Dami natira na food! Some relatives helped us clean up. They also stayed a while in the apartment to chat a bit more. After they left, Joaquin opened his gifts and he was obviously more interested with the toys than the clothes. His mom is so thankful not all guests gave toys. We had to keep most of the gifts otherwise Joaquin will just mess-up the house again, hehe.

Earlier, we talked about watching a movie but at 6pm, we were all tired already. We decided to stay home and guess what? Ane and I were asleep by 9pm. Very rare indeed :) It was a restful night. :)