Bedroom Makeover

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hubby and I are thinking of fixing our room here in QC in preparation for Baby Dot's arrival in January. Our room has become cluttered (I badly need to organize and throw stuff!) and we need the extra space for the baby's things. Resources are very limited yet we would really love to update our Bedroom Furniture. I would like the feel of a Modern Bedroom identical to the one in the photo :) We have a similar bed in Malabon and it's just heaven to be sleeping in a king-sized bed with lotsa pillows :D

We really want another low-rise king-sized bed and matching furniture and fixtures in our QC room to give it the Contemporary Bedroom look. Now if only money isn't in question and my Mom is not against giving-up the dated and bulky queen-sized bed, then we would have gotten over the makeover already. Hehe.