Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm kinda behind the raving coz I never really talked about the books in this blog. But I got hooked in the stories (Go Team Edward!!!). I finished reading all four books in record time! I even borrowed the last book from Papita even before he opened it and read it himself!

After reading the books though, I had terrible, bad dreams for weeks. Dreams that could make me scream in the middle of the night.

So Ane suggested I take all things Twilight off my mind and think happy thoughts, read other books. That I successfully did...

Until the Twilight fan in me resurrected upon reading other fans' blogs and after watching the film's trailer. The movie will be shown in Manila the same time as the world premier on 21 November. I'm begging, literally begging, Ane to watch it with me on the first showing in the morning (Nov. 21 is a Friday, and his day-off!!). He said I can watch it after two weeks when everyone else are done watching, so there will be less people and less chance for me to catch any virus. What's that about, eh? Talk about being paranoid, LOL (but that's what my OB wants as well, huhu)! But what about me? I only get to watch it after everyone else has spoilt the moment for me, eh? So I really have to beg, hehe. Wish me luck!

For now, I content myself by reading forums, blogs and Stephenie Meyer's website where I also got a pdf file of the draft of Midnight Sun (Twilight in Edward's point of view). I really wish the author will continue publishing it, even after getting pissed that the copy even leaked out.

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mikaela said...

I'm also excited about the movie...was supposed to write about the series in my blog pero tinamad na...

i never thought i'd love this series. :)

Kaje said...

hi mitch!

ang ganda naman kasi :D sana talaga pumayag si badz na mapanuod ko ito!