Tweaking update and an old picture :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Done with tweaking and I am quite satisfied (for now LOL!) :) I'm really loving the new template I installed. I'm just glad that it worked fine. The colors are beautiful -- fun and lively and happy :) I think I'm keeping this layout for now since I had a hard time putting everything back...and I'm not even sure if I'll ever have the patience to tweak again, LOL! I even lost my links! TG for Caryl's code, I didn't have to encode all of Bebot's links manually (the list even gets automatically updated when Caryl adds a new link!). For my other links in "Friends and Virtual Buddies", let me know if I missed anyone. I made a mistake when I saved to another template without even jotting down the list. My bad.

Ok peeps! Lemme know what you think of the new look :)

And here's a candid picture of myself three years ago. Found this in my EHD while browsing for pictures to be sent to my mom. Can I just say I totally miss my long shiny hair?!?!?!?! Sigh.


Been online the entire day (half the day actually) and I'm not done yet! :) Hopefully I can finish tonight my post about Wednesday's Congenital Anomaly Scan of Baby Dot. I'm still doing some updates in my Multiply though, so we'll see :)