Lumpiang Hubad

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This post isn't about a particular food or porn. Wala lang ako maisip na title and since I haven't organized my thoughts, this is gonna be a messy entry. LOL!

I realized that I have so many things to share that aren't worth sharing anymore heheh. I nearly composed an entry yesterday then I got hungry. We went out for a quick merienda and then when we got home came that realization :) Anyway, it was a nice merienda because we went to my childhood lugawan place, Nena's in Bulacan!


Ane haven't felt Dot's kicks. Because everytime he stops whatever he's doing and tries to feel my tummy, Dot would stop moving, LOL!

I'm big now, at least the tummy! Time for another bump pic. I didn't see my mom for a week and when she came here, she was surprised how big I got hehe. Even my MIL gave the same comment.

I wore my maternity pair of shorts yesterday and I almost didn't fit! Argh! It was only the second time and I'm glad I remembered to wear it yesterday. I probably won't be able to use it up to full-term. Sigh. Ane suggests I wear it while I can, sayang ang pinangbili! Thankfully I can still wear the pair after giving birth.


I didn't have to wake up early yesterday because we were in Malabon and Ane had no work. But guess what?!?! I woke up at 530am even without the alarm! Talk about getting used to the daily routine my mom imposed, huh? But of course I went back to sleep hehe.

Or it could be that I am really having a hard time sleeping nowadays. I really have to sleep sideways and there must be a pillow behind me.


And the lower backaches!! It's starting to bother me now. I can't stay seated (when seated, I need to be reclined and again, a pillow to support) or standing up for long periods of time.


Ivy fell AGAIN from the collapsible table this afternoon!! Glad she's still working. And I noticed that the "fan error" never occurred again after the first fall last week. At least something good came out from my clumsiness.


That's it for now. Gotta go down in the kitchen and prepare tonight's dinner. I realized I love cooking and I enjoy feeding my family (as long as everything I need is available), kahit minsan palpak ang luto ko! LOL!


I wanna eat some cake and ice cream. As in now na! Sigh.