I scrapped! (and a Baby Dot kwento :))

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh yeah, oh yeah! I scrapped last night! I made two layouts. They may not be entirely from scratch (because I used templates), but I'm pretty glad that I was able to finish 'em in no time. I hope this is that start of a better relationship with darling mojo, LOL! Click on the images to lead you to their respective posts in my creative blog :)

For the Dot story, I haven't shared here that I've been reading stories and playing songs for the baby. Usually, Dot would just stay still, as if listening to my voice or to the music. For the songs, I'd play kids' songs. Then last week, hoping to get another reaction, I played love songs (hehe only because the the children's songs lull me to sleep, LOL!). But Dot still wouldn't budge.

This afternoon, we were watching Eat Bulaga because we were waiting for the return of Francis M. Guess what!? Dot started moving a lot the minute Ely Buendia started singing and continued until after Francis M finished SuperProxy. And this is the first time I felt Dot move like that, like what other mothers say -- parang may alon sa tiyan. What's that about, eh? I imagine Dot tapping the fingers and stomping the feet just like in a concert. Are we going to raise a rakista?!? :D