Yen's QOTW

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm a day late!

1. Fill in the blank. “I used to be vulnerable but I’m not anymore (at least not as much as before).
2. What makes you cry? Just about anything, I'm such a crybaby!
3. Are you more creative or adventurous? More creative :)
4. What is your favorite line from a movie? "For you, a hundred times over!" - from the Kite Runner
5. What do you do when you have nothing better to do? Sleep, watch TV, read.
6. Would you rather win an argument knowing you are wrong, or lose an argument knowing you are right? Lose an argument even if I am right, no guilty feelings!
7. Are you more organized or disorganized? Leaning to more disorganized, LOL!
8. What do you collect? Havaianas, but I'm on shopping freeze now!
9. Which gives you the most satisfaction, recognition or private success? Private success, others need not know.
10. Any plans for the upcoming Halloween? My cousins are coming over for Tori's first Halloween party and Trick or Treat! :)

The rest are here :)