Productive morning.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It was indeed a productive morning for me :)

I woke up just before 5am and prepared breakfast, I let mom sleep longer. I tried to wake the ward but she won't budge so I went on with the morning's business. She got up after I was done preparing the sausages and eggs. She finished doing the garlic fried rice. The Hubby and the brother went down for breakfast a little bit later than usual (Hubby was late for work!), tsk.

I was supposed to go back to sleep after they left but I got sidetracked again (plus I need to read/look in the net for something about a portable oxygen concentrator). Naisingit pa iyun ano? I remembered I had a hard time falling asleep last night because I had this nagging feeling that my Paypal is going to be hacked and I need to change passwords right away. Talk about getting so paranoid! So I turned Ivy on and did what I had to do. Then I felt so ME this morning I decided to do Aggie's AWTK#4 -- before I get too lazy to join in LOL! That's in the previous post.

While doing the tag, Mom thought of working in brother's desktop. She asked me to help her print her report and then left for work. Li'l bro requested that I install some programs for him. Which I did. He now has PSCS3, Lightroom (added presets too!) and Publisher. Yay!

And now I'm kinda exhausted I think I'll really go back to bed for a nap :) It's gonna be a long day after lunch. I have bank and bill errands, and we can't delay going to the grocery any longer. Lest we won't have food for dinner tonight. Lagot! And it is I who will prepare dinner. Soooo...

TTFN!!! Laters!